How do I make a reservation?

A reservation can be made by either calling the office or requesting availability online. If you request availability online a member of our staff will: contact you, confirm details, and then place an order. After your order has been placed, a confirmed contract will be sent to you to review and sign. 50% down is required in order to reserve and confirm your rental items. You may do this by telephone with a credit card, by check, or you may visit our showroom to handle payment.

When is my final balance due after I initially pay my deposit?

Your order must be paid in full, 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date.

I need to cancel my order. Am I going to be charged something?

Our cancellation policy states that if items are cancelled within 2 weeks prior to the event the 50% deposit is non-refundable. If you need to cancel, and it is before the 2 weeks prior, there will be no penalty charges. Please let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes to your order!

What size tent do I need?

We can tell you what size tent you need. Just let us know how many guests, and what all you want to do underneath the tent. For example, 20 people seated at banquet tables, or a wedding reception for 200 with round tables, a dance floor, head table, etc.

What is the difference between a tent and a canopy?

A tent is installed by our staff. All of our tents are white, some have the high peaks, and they come in various sizes ranging from small to very large. Canopies are another option that we offer. Canopies are DIY - the customer is responsible for putting it up and taking it down. Canopies come in select sizes and colors, and must be installed in the grass. Our staff is happy to help you determine which option is better for you.

I am not sure what size tent will fit at my location.

Our experienced staff will visit the area with you to make sure that there are no unexpected obstacles or concerns. Please call us to set up an appointment to have one of our professionals measure the area.

Can a tent go on blacktop/concrete?

Yes, frame tents can be secured with water barrels instead of staking into grass. A water source/hose must be available and nearby. We need to know at the time of order if you plan on having the tent on concrete or black top, so that we can bring the necessary supplies.

Do I need to wash my dishes before they are returned?

Dishes need to be rinsed and free of food. Additional cleaning fees may be assessed for dishes returned unrinsed. Dishes must be returned in the dish racks that they were sent out in. Replacement costs will be applied for any missing dish racks.

When do I need to place my linen order?

Linen orders should be made as soon as you know that you need them. It is never too early to place an order! No changes of any kind can be made to your linen order 1 week before your event.

Will I be charged for a stain on a linen?

We understand that things get spilled and stains happen. There is no charge for food/drink stains. However, we will charge the replacement cost for candlewax, burn holes, tears/rips, and missing linens.

Do I need to wash the linens before returning?

No, you can leave the laundry to us! Please shake out the linens so that they are free from food or decorations.

I need to have my items delivered and picked up at certain times. Is this a problem?

Depending on your event, we may be able to work with your delivery/pick up times. We need to know when placing your order if there are any concerns you may have due to any special times.

Do I need to be on site at the time of my delivery or at time of pickup?

No, but you are responsible for the items left at your delivery site during the time they are dropped off until the time we pick them up. Please provide a secure area for drop off. If you are unable to be on site at time of pickup, please make sure all items are accessible by our team.

How do I leave the rental equipment when the event is over?

Be sure to have your tables and chairs taken down and neatly stacked. All of the rental items should be placed in the same area as delivered. Charges may apply if the items are not stacked and/or easily accessible.

Will delivery charges be applied to my order?

Delivery charges vary. They are based on the delivery location, and if the date/time is outside of our normal delivery hours. Customer Pick-Up and Return on applicable orders is always available at no extra charge.

When may I pick up and return my rental items?

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

What do I need to bring with me in order to pick up my reservation?

We ask that you arrive in a vehicle appropriate for transporting our equipment. If there are any questions regarding the safety of our equipment in your possession then we reserve the right to refuse your rental.

What if I have an emergency with my rental equipment and the office is closed?

If you call our office, and you receive voice mail, please leave a message. After hours and during the weekend, we check messages regularly, and will promptly return your call.

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